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Keep Customers Coming Back Again & Again
Keep customers coming back again & again

To Spend Money At Your Venue - Earn Up to 40% Commission With No Effort

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If you own a retail business, club, pub or manage a shopping centre in Queensland, did you know that you can easily make extra income from unused space? Install 1 or more amusement games and boost foot traffic 2X while earning up to 40% commission.

Choose from 100+ arcade machines and we’ll install it at ZERO cost – absolutely NO effort or maintenance required on your behalf! Whether it be a themed claw machine, air hockey or Mario Kart racers, Funhouse has you covered.

Install an arcade machine and enjoy lucrative returns today.


We’ll Help Monetise Your Unused Space And Boost Your Revenue

If you’re like most Queensland business owners, pub, club or shopping centre managers, you probably have an area of unused space at your venue. Funhouse Club Division can help you make the most of your empty space with an exciting arcade game that increases foot traffic and earns you extra revenue.

For over 38 years, we’ve been a leader in the amusement industry in Australia in both retail stores and impulse markets. Drawing on decades of experience and expertise, we’ll analyse the latest market trends and provide your business with the perfect arcade experience to entertain your customers and maximise your additional revenue.


Make The Most Unused Venue Space – Entertain Your Customers And Earn Up To 40% Commission With A Funhouse Arcade Game

Choose From 100+ Arcade Games And Earn 20%-40% Commission

If you have an empty space in your business, it represents a missed opportunity. The right arcade game in the right location can be a gold mine of additional income. Not only will it complement your business perfectly, but it will also increase the number of customers coming to your venue and can double the time they stay.

With Funhouse Club Division, you’ll earn up to 40% commission directly from the machine revenue. That means you could earn additional profit on your business’ bottom line every year… Think of what you could do with the extra income!


Make The Most Unused Venue Space – Entertain Your Customers And Earn Up To 40% Commission With A Funhouse Arcade Game

Fun, Fun, And More Fun! That’s What You’ll Discover At Funhouse…

  • A Simple Method To Boost Your Business’ Profits

    An arcade machine is a simple way to earn lucrative returns on a consistent basis – what business owner doesn’t want an additional income stream?

  • Get Up To 40% Commission With ZERO Effort

    We handle every step of the process and provide full admin reports, so you can earn cold hard commissions without any effort on your behalf whatsoever!

  • Entertain Your Customers And Grow Foot Traffic

    Provide a fun and exciting attraction to improve customer experience at your venue – they’ll visit your business more often and stay longer when they do

  • Choose From 100+ Games So You Get The Right One

    From themed claw machines to air hockey tables, you’ll be spoilt for choice – with over 38 years’ experience, we know the perfect machine for your venue

  • FREE Installation And Ongoing 24/7 Tech Support

    Our expert technicians are the best in the business – they’ll keep your machine cleaned & running flawlessly so it’s always available to your customers


Make The Most Unused Venue Space – Entertain Your Customers And Earn Up To 40% Commission With A Funhouse Arcade Game

Free Installation, Weekly Service And 24/7 Tech Support So You Never Lift A Finger

The commission from a Funhouse arcade game could be the easiest money your business ever makes and is paid same day. We handle every step of the process and deliver unrivalled technical support, so you stay laser-focused on your daily business while enjoying extra profits.

We understand the market and will help you choose the perfect game, before installing it for free to get things up and running fast. Our expert engineers will service your game weekly and give you 24/7 tech support. That means you’ll enjoy peace of mind and NEVER have to deal with customer enquiries about a broken-down machine!

We’ll Exceed Your Expectations And Build A Lasting Business Relationship

Funhouse Club Division believes business is about creating relationships – we want your relationship with us to be both fun and rewarding. We make it our business to learn and understand your requirements, so we can exceed your expectations and create a lasting relationship.

We pride ourselves on our fast and transparent communication, and with our Funhouse Club Division app you can be sure any issues you have will be resolved as soon as possible. We’ll also prioritise your gift vouchers in our instant prize redemption machines, so we support and promote your business even further.


Here’s How It Works: Boost Your Business’ Revenue In 5 Easy Steps…

  • 1

    Get Your Free, No-Obligation Quote

    Get in touch with our friendly team today to discuss your business, your venue, and what you are hoping to achieve with Funhouse Club Division

  • 2

    We’ll Help Choose The Perfect Game

    From Mario Cart to Photo Booths, we know the industry like the back of our hands – we’ll help you choose the right game for your venue and customers

  • 3

    We Install It At Your Venue For FREE

    We’ll install your new arcade game in your venue and get it set up at absolutely no cost to you, so you can start making the most of your free space

  • 4

    Our Technicians Provide Ongoing Support

    Our expert technicians keep your game running like a well-oiled machine, with weekly services and 24/7 support so your customers never miss out on the fun

  • 5

    Your Earn Commissions And Extra Income

    Earn up to 40% commissions and grow your revenue with zero effort – your main issue will be deciding how you’re going to spend the extra money!


Make The Most Unused Venue Space – Entertain Your Customers And Earn Up To 40% Commission With A Funhouse Arcade Game

Get Your Free, No-Obligation Quote And Discover How To Monetise Your Unused Space And Earn Extra Revenue With Up To 40% Commission!

If you’re a business owner with unused retail space, a Funhouse arcade game can be an absolute gold mine! Get in touch with us today and discover how we can help you monetise your space with an exciting and entertaining arcade game. Simply fill out the form below and our friendly team will be in touch to reveal how you can double foot traffic to your venue and boost your profits by receiving up to 40% commission – all without any effort on your part whatsoever.

Here’s what you’ll receive from Funhouse Club Division:

  • FREE installation

  • Full administration reports

  • 24/7 Technical Support

  • Weekly service and clean

  • Hire service

  • Member benefits available

With nearly four decades in the industry, we’ve helped thousands of businesses to grow their bottom line the easy way. There are more than 100 arcade games to choose from, so get your free quote today and take advantage of this amazing opportunity while you still can!

    Make The Most Unused Venue Space - Entertain Your Customers And Earn Up To 40% Commission With A Funhouse Arcade Game





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